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Pack 653 is a Cub Scout unit formed in 2010. Boys in the 1st through 5th grade who attend, or are zoned for, Chandler Oaks Elementary School make up our membership, though boys can join any unit they like. 

Boys can join Scouts at any time, of the year. Generally the best time to join a unit is at the beginning of the school year so your son can participate in all of the activities and have time to work through his achievements. The second best time to join is at the end of the school year so your son can participate in summertime activities.

Ask us how to join us at,


In general, the cost breakdown for registration is:
  • National/Council registration fees - $2.00 per month
  • Pack dues - $2.00 per month ($3.00 per month, effective January 1st. 2015)
  • Insurance - $1.00 per year
  • Boys' Life magazine (optional) - $1.00 per month
A scout can join at any time during the year and the costs are pro-rated from the current month through December. Typically scouts join in either the Spring or Fall. In December the Pack goes through a process called rechartering in which all existing members register for the coming year. One calendar year of membership is $49 ($61 if you get Boys' Life magazine).

The fees for new members to join in June (at the Spring Join Scouting Night) is $29 ($36 if you get Boys' Life magazine), which covers 7 months, through December.  When new scouts join in September (at the Fall Join Scouting Night) we usually collect 16 months.  This prevents having to pay for only 4 months in September and then pay again at recharter time.

If your son is currently in Cub Scouts, we welcome transfers. The cost to transfer is lower than new membership; a pack leader can provide details and answer questions. Email us at, and ask us how.


Your son will need a uniform and handbook for his rank (grade level). The cost varies but examples follow:
New youth members receive a Pack 653 "Class B" t-shirt and a "653" unit number patch for their uniform.

There may be dues from your son's den or separate fees for special activities such as camping or other trips. 

Our main fundraiser, popcorn sales, helps offset other operating costs, such as awards.

Ready to Join?

Click here, if you're ready to join, a pack leader can provide you with a membership application. These "carbon copy" forms get submitted to our council office by the pack membership chair.

Please include cash or check payable to "Pack 653" to cover the costs for registration, pack fees, and Boys' Life.

It's great to be in Pack 6-5-3 ! ! !

Here's a brief video slideshow of some Pack 653 activities. These pictures were taken from the pack's first year - a lot of activities, and A LOT OF FUN!