Popcorn sales are the pack's main source of income for the year.  These funds cover activities such as the Pine Wood Derby, awards, outings, and more.  Strong participation in the popcorn sales will help the pack cover the costs of the program.  This is the most significant financial contribution your scout can make to Help The Pack Go!  The Pack Committee sets a goal for each year's selling season based on the previous year's budget and our projected growth for the following year.

Selling popcorn is also a good opportunity for your scout to practice their communication skills and manners (meeting a new person, introducing yourself, and shaking a person's hand satisfies one of the Good Manners Academic Pin requirements).

There are also great incentives to reward your scout for selling popcorn.  From gift cards to college scholarships, from camping equipment to Lego's there's something to motivate everyone!  Explaining these incentives to your scout will encourage him to set a goal.  Committing to and achieving a goal is one of life's greatest lessons!
The pack also offers local incentives.  If you sell $653 worth of popcorn the pack will pay your scout's membership dues. 


Show & Sell 

August 26, 2016 through October 2, 2016

The pack leaders are busy with planning, planning, and more planning to help make this our easiest and most successful selling season ever!  This year we'll be using Square-Up for electronic payment processing.  Would-be customers can no longer get away with the "Sorry, I don't have cash on me" excuse.  Our SquareUp account has been established and the credit card reading devices will be here any day now.

This year we ordered $10,000 worth of popcorn and we have 68 time slots/locations in which we can sell it.  In order to sell it we need parents and scouts to volunteer to fill those slots.  We must relinquish unfilled selling slots to the district with 48 hours notice.  If we have to do this it will adversely affect our chances of selling all our popcorn.  It is important that we have fill upcoming time slots as quickly as possible.

In addition to selling popcorn, we can also accept donations to buy popcorn for our troops.  Scouts have come back with more money in donations than they popcorn sales!

    Sign Up Now! 
    To view the list of selling times and locations check out our SignUp Genius page.

Take Order / Show & Deliver

August 26, 2016 through October 23, 2016

During this phase you and your scout can go door-to-door in your neighborhood.  The scout is encouraged to present the popcorn products and fill out an order form or contact your Popcorn Kernel and grab some product and take it with you to sell. Order forms will be distributed during a pack meeting and completed forms are due at the end of the sales season and will be available for pick-up and distribution approximately 2 weeks later. Check the Pack Calendar for the official dates.

Online Sales

August 26, 2016 through October 28, 2016

Anywhere!  Scouts can send friends and families to Trails End's website for online sales.  You and your scout can visit the Trails-End website and register for an account today.


As mentioned previously, the pack sets a sales goal based on annual operating expenses.  An order is placed and volunteers pick up the order when it arrives.  Another volunteer (usually the Popcorn Kernel) stores the popcorn and serves as a distribution hub for sellers.  

The Kernel will help sellers with training before a selling slot, supplies (pens, donation tins, etc), marketing materials (posters), payment collection, and of course, a manageable quantity of popcorn for a 2 hour time slot.  Sellers man their designated location and time, track their sales, and return the proceeds and any remaining product and supplies back to the Kernel.  (This should be done promptly as there are often overlapping or back-to-back slots and we may need to share supplies.)

After the popcorn season has concluded the proceeds are delivered to the council.  After the council processes all the popcorn money the pack will receive its reward.


Below is a summary of the rules for the Show & Sell Popcorn Drive:

    • We are only allowed to sell at designated district locations.
    • Bring a table (a folding table is ideal).  If you don't have a folding table, let us know and we can arrange to provide you with one.
    • Set up near the EXIT door.
    • Do not attempt to sell to customers on their way in.
    • If selling at a gas station, do not approach customers at the pump.
    • At least one adult should be present at all times.
    • The scout or an adult must notify the counter staff inside upon arrival so they are aware of your presence.
    • Remove all empty boxes from the location.  Remember, Leave No Trace!
    • Be ready and able to make change.  Bring plenty of $1, $5, and $10 bills.
    • Pack 653 accepts credit cards via Square ans will supply the readers and account login.
    • We DO NOT accept checks!
    • Scouts should always be ready to address a potential customer.  They are encouraged to stand through the sale period.  Make eye contact, open a door for a departing customer, wish them a good day.  Create an opportunity for a sale by being helpful and courteous.  Seconds matter!

What to bring, hints and tips

    • Go to the bathroom before you arrive
    • Wear your Class A uniform properly (visit our Join Us page for help in getting your uniform together).
    • Clean pants/ jeans, or shorts; closed toed shoes with socks
    • Comb your hair, iron your shirt, look sharp!
    • Bring your popcorn
    • Bring a small coolers for drinks / snacks
    • Bring a "Thank You" note to leave with the store manager when you depart
    • Have your scout rehearse their sales pitch
    • Establish an account on Trails End and have your scout make "business card" to direct customers to their online sales site.

Other resources

For more selling ideas, visit Trails End's website.  They have more great tips and a script to help your scout with his sales pitch.