Our first pack meeting

Post date: Oct 6, 2010 9:17:28 PM

Monday was Pack 653's first pack meeting and it was great! Our theme was "CSI: Cub Scout Investigators" where we learned more about Cub Scouting, and about each other. We heard from three great dads about their jobs in our community. Thank you Dan Abney of the Austin PD, Bryan Mays of KVUE, and Mark Range with the Fort Hood Fire Department. THANK YOU for all you do for our community and for the example you set for our boys!20 boys - WOW! - received their Bobcat badge - the first rank earned by all boys in Cub Scouts, regardless of grade. We closed the evening with a pack induction ceremony - we all stand together to make 653 and our boys successful!A lot of pictures of the evening's fun and ceremonies were taken so look for updates to post in the coming days.